NEW MC 110


Together with our partners Ravo and Scarab we form the Environforce division and are subsidiaries of the FAYAT Group providing street-sweeping utility vehicles and cleaning equipment for highways and ground maintenance: road sweepers. FAYAT is regarded as a trusted partner by public and private service providers and communities around the world.

Our sweepers have been setting the standard for generations and our equipment is known for its robustness and excellent build quality. We became market leader by listening to our customers and finding ways to meet their needs even if they change.

Environforce is one of the world’s largest providers of street-sweeping equipment. We operate in more than 45 countries through our worldwide network of sales, parts and service centres, making us a leading global player.

Drawing on the slogan Environforce as inspiration, Mathieu, Ravo and Scarab are setting the standard with an expanding range of environmental products and solutions. We are known for our in-depth knowledge of the market. Our expert teams are specialized in specific customer sectors, such as urban, industrial and construction environments, while other teams concentrate on R&D, production and customized solutions. This infrastructure allows us to establish long-lasting relationships with customers and partners alike.