NEW MC 110

30|11 Bordeaux : final stage for the official presentation of the New MC 210 !

Return on the launch events of the New MC 210 !

It was long awaited. November 25th was the last stage of the presentation launch of the New MC 210.

IMG2015-11-26 recadrée

Whilst the clouds gathered, it did not dampen the spirits of the assembled group of MATHIEU distributors as they enjoyed the presentation of the new 2m3 cleansing solutions. 

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Organized at the Chateau La Dominique, in Saint-Emilion, this remarkable event started with a visit of the domain and a tasting of a selction of the best wines produced on the FAYAT Group fields.

Then came the official showdown of the New MC 210 platform, which was a great moment of the evening. Serge CHAURE, the Director of the company told us : “It’s always with a particular emotion that we unveil a new machine”.

The new features of the product range (design, comfort and ergonomics, useful technologies, clean engines…), its first-class equipment and its advantages captivated the guests’ attention as they were literally charmed by the event and the fabulous location.

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The day after, organized at the Chateau Clément Pichon in Parempuyre, was dedicated to a detailed presentation of the new solution and dynamic trials.


A lot of previous events were organized and helped us measure the attraction of the MC 210’s enhancements :


5th and 6th of November : Urban Property Meetings (Rencontres de la Propreté Urbaine) in Bordeaux to introduce our new solution to local elected representatives at the Chateau Clément Pichon. 



21st and 22nd of October : presentation of the New MC 210 to RAVO and SCARAV, our business partners for the BENELUX and UK markets which took place in the beautiful Parc Hotel in Vittel.


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13th and 14th of October : premiere presentation of the New MC 210 to customers of the French market. After a visit of our production line in Toul, they had the privilege to discover our new product range in the beautiful Parc Hotel (Club Med) in Vittel during 2 days.



28th of September : French Sales Team was the first to discover the new 2m3 platform during an event specially organized.