NEW MC 110

The MATHIEU principle

For all its sweeping solutions, MATHIEU keeps the same philosophy. Here are the 5 principles that make the difference between a MATHIEU sweeper and competing solutions.

+ Comfort

To offer panoramic view on work area and an ergonomic and adjustable driving position (thanks to large setting possibilities for steering wheel and seat) is a imperative feature we want in every MATHIEU solution for all our users.

+ Performance

Our company is well-known around the world for the unmatched performances of our compact sweepers. Whether we speak about suction power, hydraulic power, sweeping width or maneuverability, everything was designed so our materials offer the best level of productivity.

+ Cost-efficiency

Because urban cleansing is a budget that should never be restricted because of profitability, we have worked on multiple aspects of our machines to reduce their global functioning cost : maintenance costs under control, oil consumption decreased of up to 40%, minimized maintenance time…

Your cleaning service has never been this efficient and effective.

+ Useful technologies

Innovation is a good thing, useful innovation is even better. Our main aim is to propose an always easier ad intuitive experience, that’s why we are conducting a continuous innovation policy centered on operators. Intuitive onboard technologies, CanBUS control system enabling sweeper’s exploitation and maintenance assist operator in cab so he can focus on his daily tasks.

+ Environmental responsibility

Environmental care is more than just a concern, it is on the heart of our activities. The more street cleansing is done with attention, the better are the benefits for welfare and public health.

Technologies embarked in our solutions are more and more effective. This is a strong symbol of our engagement in favor of a green growth.