NEW MC 110


The first Ecowasher

Compact road sweeper

The AQUAZURA cleaning system simultaneously achieves wetting, soaping, scrubbing, recovery and recycling of the waste water. All these actions combined into one machine ensure the AQUAZURA is unrivalled in its abilities.

Associated with a "clean" vehicle, with a low noise level, the ECO-WASHING® method is non-aggressive to the environment and is particularly well adapted to any type of floor and surface covering.

The eco-washing enables you to recover the waste water, greases and oils, solid and fine waste before separation and recycling.

Eco in design

  • Use of Bio Diesel
  • Reduce Diesel consumption : 5 l/h
  • Components recycling rate : 80%
  • Bodywork components in recyclable materials
  • Engine with particle filter corresponding to the stricter environments norms EURO 5/EEV
  • Very low sound level.
  • Release of particles in the air minimized, certified PM 10

Eco in operation

  • Very low washing water consumption (8 times less than a traditional washer),
  • Hydro-mechanical washing action with non-aggressive surface scrubbing,
  • Non-aggressive, environment friendly detergent,
  • Suction of waste water and detergent,
  • Suction of solid matter,
  • Recycling of waste water,
  • Separation of waste water, greases, oils and solid matter,
  • Degreasing of highly “polluted” surfaces in city centers
  • Protection of surfaces and floor seals,
  • Protection of shop windows against water splashing

With a wide range of applications, such as pavements, pedestrian areas, historical centers, parking areas, airports, at the service of civil protection, the AQUAZURA proves itself to be an extremely versatile machine that can adapt to all applications of preventive maintenance or corrective flooring maintenance.

Compact road sweeper

1. The Shampooing and annealing

The combined action of the water detergent mix and brushes guarantees effective washing by shampooing. The liquid, sprayed towards the floor at low pressure (3 bars.), removes incrusted substances. At the same time, the brushes scrub gently while the grease disappears under the action of the detergent mixed with the liquid.

2. The detergent tank

With its 20-litre capacity, it provides the user with comfortable operating autonomy. Although active, the detergent is neither aggressive nor toxic. It is even up to 100% environment-friendly.

3. The container with water recycling system

With a clean water capacity of 1000 liters, the working cycles of the AQUAZURA are exceptionally long. Indeed, when water recycling mode is being operated, it can be extended as from 2 to 3 hours operation according to the type of floor the machine is working on and also the climate conditions.

A water consumption divided by 8 : 1000 liters used in 2h30 min compared to a 2000 l traditional compact washer. There is no discharge of waster water into the rainwater system : indeed the AQUAZURA uses its own suction system and waster water storing ability. This is another great difference with respect to a traditional compact washer.

4. The venturi system

The Venturi system adjustment devise, integrated into the clean water circuit, can be used to regulate from the cab the detergent content, depending on the condition of the floor.

5. The scrubbing

Compact road sweeper brushes

The 5 brushes (3 fixed brushes and 2 width adjustable) allow for a working width up to 2100 mm. The scrubbing head with 5 independent floating brushes acts first to ensure non-aggressive hydro mechanical cleaning of the floor.

The double scrubbing action allows really dirty floor to be stripped clean.
The regulation of the scrubbing width, the vertical pressure of the head and the rotation speed of brushes allow the AQUAZURA to be extremely efficient in any conditions.

6. The suction

With the scrapers, the nozzle has a span of 1600 mm on the floor, for easier suction of the biggest waste, such as drink cans and packs. The suction scrapers direct liquids to the center, where they are sucked in.
These scrapers are reversible, doubling their useful lifetime.

7. The blower

Suction flow: 13000 m3/h and a 250 mm pipe. Real power for removal of encrusted substances on the floor. This irresistible flow also draws in heavy waste, greasy residue, dirty water, detergents and even unpleasant smells.

The large diameter of the suction pipe, contributes to this efficiency.
Immediate consequence :

Aquazura leaves behind a clean dry floor, without any risk of water spraying. Pedestrians appreciate this genuine cleanliness combined with its subtle fresh smell.

The floor appears new, restores to its original condition.

The solution for any type of floor & surface

Aquazura clearly illustrates its remarkable efficiency in a wide range of working environments. Whether in town centers, airports, motorways, industrial and military sites or at the service of civil protection, it is fast, efficient and guarantees optimum cleanliness at all times. Safety, hygiene and environmental requirements are all respected under the best possible economic conditions.

Hypermarkets, historic city centers, tourist resorts : all other public places in an urban environment requiring fast, efficient and extremely discrete cleaning.

Compact road sweeper

Airports : Aquazura offers a fast cleaning solution without disrupting the air traffic and with total respect of all relevant “safety” requirements. In aircraft docking zones, on the tarmacs or taxiways, in the aircraft hangars or even the car parks.

Civil protection : Normal traffic conditions are re-established!… Following a fire, or more often an accident, the fire brigade provides emergency assistance. The Aquazura is quickly used to clean the road surface and render the site safe for public use. The floor is clean and all traces of the incident wiped away.

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